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The Big Sister Syndrome

I’ve gradually been noticing my little 4-year-old daughter C develop symptoms of  “The Big Sister Syndrome”. It probably started when we announced to C that she would be getting another younger sibling.  She began to point out things that she could do independently, such as pick out her own outfits in the morning, go to … Continue reading

Letter to myself: 18 years old

To 18-year-old me, As we enter 2013, there are a few things that I wanted to tell you. First, let’s talk about your eyebrows.  You might want to check out a salon for something called waxing or threading.  Seriously, don’t wait until you are 25 years old to get those furry caterpillars professionally groomed. But … Continue reading

What the Parenting Books didn’t tell me

I am a total rule-follower and like to read instruction manuals.  So it is not surprising that before my children were born, I did, in fact, read some parenting books, and even reflected on my clinical pediatric rotation experience (mainly stressing out about how I could possibly become a “nicer” parent). Despite all my preparation, … Continue reading


Recently my sister cleaned out her house and bequeathed her unused Care Bear stickers and a pristine Precious Moments coloring book to my daughter.  These little trinkets had been treasured by my sister for the past 25 years and I guess she finally realized that a 3-year-old would have better use of these objects. Tonight, … Continue reading

Things my mother taught me

Growing up, my mom had several adages that she would repeat from time to time. These words of wisdom were usually about personal health. The funny thing about mothers is that you believe 100% what they say even if you are a grown adult and have gone to medical school and have your own children.   … Continue reading