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Lights, Camera, Action!

Recently I was contacted by one of the physician services representatives of our hospital to set up a meeting to be filmed.  This is part of a publicity strategy to place a short video in our online profile so that potential patients who search the database can view our  “clinical experience and personal medical philosophy”. … Continue reading

A Parent’s Loss

For the past 3 days, I’ve purposely avoided the news.  Sure, I’ve read about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting through a few articles on CNN and NYTimes.com and seen the posts on my Facebook newsfeed, but I refused to watch any television reports.  Call it dysfunctional or what you may, but this is the way … Continue reading

Embarassing Confessions: Scary Movies

One of my favorite things to do since childhood has been to watch horror movies.  The more ridiculously bloody and violent, the better.  I even remember around age 13 or 14, getting in trouble because somehow I convinced my younger cousins and sisters to watch Candyman with me during a sleepover and afterwards everyone was … Continue reading

Embarrassing Confessions: Tasteless reality shows

Since my last two posts were somewhat serious, I figured it was time for a lighter post. I spend more hours in front of the television than I should.  And most of the time, I am not watching very educational programs. Here are my top 5 (I-hate-to-admit-that-I-watch) reality TV shows. 1. The Bachelor – It … Continue reading