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Parenting by lying

Recently a couple of friends posted a link to an NBC news article titled  “Chinese parents bigger fibbers than American ones”.  It’s a survey-based study administered to  American parents (of various ethnic backgrounds including Asian Americans and Caucasians) and parents in China, asking if the parents had ever intentionally told their child an misleading false … Continue reading

The Sitting Month

Baby #2  just turned 9 months old recently.  It’s been amazing to think how quickly time has passed by in just a blink of the eye.  As I thought about all the fun and not-so-fun moments from the past nine months, I was thinking about the first postpartum month and all the craziness associated with … Continue reading

Grandma’s wisdom

I had a very lovely Mother’s Day celebration with a leisurely picnic prepared by my husband followed by hanging out at a local playground with the family.  As I watched my little girl giggle and climb the jungle gym while my little boy quietly slept nearby in his stroller, I thought it would be amusing to … Continue reading