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The Piano Lesson Legacy

Recently I enrolled my daughter in piano classes.  These “lessons” for preschoolers consist of 45 minutes of music theory in the form of small group singing, dancing, and games, along with another 10-15 minutes of one-on-one time with the teacher at the piano. A couple of weeks ago, the children were each given an assignment … Continue reading

The Christmas Song Game

When it comes to dumb random luck, I have none.  Zippo.  My husband, on the other hand, seems to have fairy gold dust sprinkled on his head on a regular basis or something because he’s one of those lucky people who always wins random big prizes (a free iPad, tickets to the Broadway musical Rent, … Continue reading

Embarrassing Confessions: My Running Playlist

I recently ran an 8K.  Since I’m not a very serious runner, I needed motivation in the form of music.  I used Spotify for this purpose, and titled it “running music” (I know, very creative).  The thing about my playlist is that, despite the name, it is really not just limited to “running-tempo” music. My … Continue reading