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End of Maternity Leave

My maternity leave is quickly winding to an end.  Where did the time go? As I get closer and closer to returning to work, many friends and family have asked me, “So how do you feel about going back to work? are you ready?” I always have to pause and think about how to answer … Continue reading

I’m back!

Not sure if anyone is still reading this blog…I guess it’s been a few months since I last wrote anything. The last few months flew by.  One of my colleagues left the practice and as a result, my own clinic schedule has become completely overbooked with new patients looking to transfer their care.  Then in … Continue reading

I’m pregnant!

During my fellowship training, I often heard my clinic preceptor say to her patients, “If you get pregnant, please let me know as soon as possible.  I want to be on the short list of people you call first, right after you talk to your husband and your parents.”  This is because in my field … Continue reading