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Pain Control

“On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate your pain?” the nurse asked me. “Ummm. a 7.”  I answered, somewhat sheepishly. “So you need something for pain right now?” She quipped with one eyebrow raised dubiously. “Well, not exactly.  I’m not in pain…at this moment, in between contractions.  But when the contractions come, it … Continue reading

The Business-Savvy-Doctor

A patient recently came to see me for adrenal issues, and when I asked her who originally diagnosed her, she told me that she had gone to a “Med-Spa” for a facial and happened to mention various clinical symptoms to the owner of the spa.  The spa owner, lo-and-behold, happened to be an endocrinologist (!) … Continue reading

Professional Courtesy

A couple days last week, I wasn’t feeling well.  I had a low-grade fever and shaking chills.  My body ached liked I had gotten run over by a truck. My husband the astute diagnostician examined me and pointed out an expanding red spot on the top of my foot, “Looks like you got bit by … Continue reading

Being labeled

I don’t know about other physicians/healthcare providers, but there are certain words that I see on patient’s medical chart that strike fear in my heart.  Here is a sample list: Fibromyalgia Irritable Bowel Syndrome Atypical Chest Pain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Pelvic Pain These illnesses fall into a category known as  “Functional Disorders”, which means, according … Continue reading

The one who keeps coming back

Ms. L is a 60-something year old woman who came to see me recently for follow up of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  She currently takes no medications.  She has not had a baseline bone density exam or colonoscopy.  She has not had a mammogram in over 2 years.  She denies any history of … Continue reading

Eating boogies.

A while back, one of my friends told me about the NoseFrida. She raved about it.  When she described what it was…a nasal aspirator that you suck on, a snot sucker, I murmured noncommitally but inwardly thought, “That is disgusting!  Why in the world would I want to suck out my baby’s boogers?!”  It sounded … Continue reading