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Smooch Smooch

A few years ago, I had noticed that whenever we spent any time with my husband’s work acquaintances, many of these people often greeted each other with kisses. I joked around with my husband about this because as someone who is just not that physically affectionate even with my own family members, it didn’t feel … Continue reading

Doing things my way

Since one of my partners left the group a few months ago, I’ve inherited a few patients that are quite…set in their ways.  On the one hand, I can understand that patients who have grown comfortable with the same doctor for the past 10+ years can be reluctant to take a new physician’s advice, but … Continue reading

The Parent Dating Game, part 2

I previously wrote about the difficulties of  making new friends with other parents and the fears of violating some unspoken set of “dating etiquette”.  Since that last post, I feel that our social lives have picked up quite a bit and our weekends are filled with playdates and birthday parties.  Success! Feeling like the “popular … Continue reading

Professional Courtesy

A couple days last week, I wasn’t feeling well.  I had a low-grade fever and shaking chills.  My body ached liked I had gotten run over by a truck. My husband the astute diagnostician examined me and pointed out an expanding red spot on the top of my foot, “Looks like you got bit by … Continue reading

The Parent Dating Game

I met my one-and-only true love when I was 16 years old.  Except for a few minor hiccups, we had a fairy-tale romance and got married 9 years later.  So you could basically say that when it comes to dating, I am…socially inexperienced and inept. I’ve found that now that I am a parent, making … Continue reading