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A friendly spark

Behind my desk at work is a framed photo of my two children.  On a regular basis, I hear compliments about my cute offspring from patients.  Sometimes these conversations lead to questions about my personal life, such as “How old are your kids?” or “Who watches them when you are at work?”.  Most of the … Continue reading

Just an oil change

Yesterday, with much dreaded anticipation, I took my car in for a routine oil change. Being the daughter of a mechanical engineer, of course I know that general car maintenance requires typical things like oil changes, air filter replacements, brakes checked, tire rotations, etc.  But I really really hate going in for any of these … Continue reading

The Business-Savvy-Doctor

A patient recently came to see me for adrenal issues, and when I asked her who originally diagnosed her, she told me that she had gone to a “Med-Spa” for a facial and happened to mention various clinical symptoms to the owner of the spa.  The spa owner, lo-and-behold, happened to be an endocrinologist (!) … Continue reading

Professional Courtesy

A couple days last week, I wasn’t feeling well.  I had a low-grade fever and shaking chills.  My body ached liked I had gotten run over by a truck. My husband the astute diagnostician examined me and pointed out an expanding red spot on the top of my foot, “Looks like you got bit by … Continue reading

Parent, Physician, Patient

My mentor wrote a book about how patients make medical decisions based on a set of innate personal beliefs and experiences.  In the book, she writes about how each of us falls along a spectrum of being a minimalist (wait-and-see)  or a maximalist (do everything) when it comes to making decisions about our health.   In … Continue reading