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Redefining sleep-training

I have a confession to make. Last night when my husband was asleep, I put my crying newborn within millimeters of his face, just to see how he would respond. The response?  Nothing.  Not even a flutter of an eyelid. Isn’t that amazing? I don’t consider myself a light sleeper.  I used to think I … Continue reading

Parenting by lying

Recently a couple of friends posted a link to an NBC news article titled  “Chinese parents bigger fibbers than American ones”.  It’s a survey-based study administered to  American parents (of various ethnic backgrounds including Asian Americans and Caucasians) and parents in China, asking if the parents had ever intentionally told their child an misleading false … Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action!

Recently I was contacted by one of the physician services representatives of our hospital to set up a meeting to be filmed.  This is part of a publicity strategy to place a short video in our online profile so that potential patients who search the database can view our  “clinical experience and personal medical philosophy”. … Continue reading

Letter to myself: 18 years old

To 18-year-old me, As we enter 2013, there are a few things that I wanted to tell you. First, let’s talk about your eyebrows.  You might want to check out a salon for something called waxing or threading.  Seriously, don’t wait until you are 25 years old to get those furry caterpillars professionally groomed. But … Continue reading

Embarassing Confessions: Scary Movies

One of my favorite things to do since childhood has been to watch horror movies.  The more ridiculously bloody and violent, the better.  I even remember around age 13 or 14, getting in trouble because somehow I convinced my younger cousins and sisters to watch Candyman with me during a sleepover and afterwards everyone was … Continue reading

Embarrassing Confessions: Tasteless reality shows

Since my last two posts were somewhat serious, I figured it was time for a lighter post. I spend more hours in front of the television than I should.  And most of the time, I am not watching very educational programs. Here are my top 5 (I-hate-to-admit-that-I-watch) reality TV shows. 1. The Bachelor – It … Continue reading

Embarrassing Confessions: My Running Playlist

I recently ran an 8K.  Since I’m not a very serious runner, I needed motivation in the form of music.  I used Spotify for this purpose, and titled it “running music” (I know, very creative).  The thing about my playlist is that, despite the name, it is really not just limited to “running-tempo” music. My … Continue reading