A friendly spark

Behind my desk at work is a framed photo of my two children.  On a regular basis, I hear compliments about my cute offspring from patients.  Sometimes these conversations lead to questions about my personal life, such as “How old are your kids?” or “Who watches them when you are at work?”.  Most of the … Continue reading

Paper napkin goodies

There was a baby shower for a colleague this week, and I saved a couple of leftover cookies to bring home for the kids.  As we were driving home, I could see the delight in my son and daughter’s faces through the rear-view mirror as they munched on their cookies. I suddenly had a flashback … Continue reading

Parenting by lying

Recently a couple of friends posted a link to an NBC news article titled  “Chinese parents bigger fibbers than American ones”.  It’s a survey-based study administered to  American parents (of various ethnic backgrounds including Asian Americans and Caucasians) and parents in China, asking if the parents had ever intentionally told their child an misleading false … Continue reading

Mama’s little girl

This past weekend was a big one for my daughter.  She attended a birthday party at a little girls’ spa/salon where she enjoyed a princess makeover, complete with a fancy pink ballgown, shiny lip gloss, hot-pink manicure, and even a glamorous up-do with glittery hairspray!  I thought she was going to burst with excitement.  The … Continue reading

(Medical) Nerd-in-training

During one of his medical conferences, my husband picked up an illustrated freebie book titled “Dr. Bear’s Big Book of Doctor Words.” It’s basically an ABC book so of course my daughter has been perusing over it endlessly.  This morning, she decided to “read” it to her brother.  Here are some of C’s favorite letters, … Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action!

Recently I was contacted by one of the physician services representatives of our hospital to set up a meeting to be filmed.  This is part of a publicity strategy to place a short video in our online profile so that potential patients who search the database can view our  “clinical experience and personal medical philosophy”. … Continue reading

Fashion Tips

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to style and beauty, I am the opposite of a fashionista.  I tend to be boring in my clothing, choosing to wear things that are a little bit…nerdy.  My 3-year-old daughter C, on the other hand, seems to have caught some kind of fashion … Continue reading


Thursday nights are stressful for us.  Typically my husband has an afternoon clinic that runs late into the evening.  I usually see patients until 4pm and then attend a couple of hours of didactics (research seminar/clinical case presentations).   By the time I am able to rush out of conference, dash over the the daycare, … Continue reading


We just got back from a 3 day vacation and as we were driving back home, my husband asked me if I had fun.  I just sighed.  There is no easy answer to that question. In our life before kids, we often would go on spontaneous romantic weekend trips, find a cute B&B, spend all … Continue reading

Just an oil change

Yesterday, with much dreaded anticipation, I took my car in for a routine oil change. Being the daughter of a mechanical engineer, of course I know that general car maintenance requires typical things like oil changes, air filter replacements, brakes checked, tire rotations, etc.  But I really really hate going in for any of these … Continue reading