Mommy Superpowers

Ever since I have had my own kids, I realized that I’ve acquired a new set of skills that I never thought would be possible.  In fact, I like to secretly refer to these skills as “super-powers” in certain situations involving small children.   Without further ado, here is a list of my Mommy Superpowers, or also known as…Things I Never Thought I Would Do, Until I Became a Parent.

1. The ability to detect a fever with the mere touch of my hand to my child’s forehead

2. The ability to “get rid of all the germs/dust” off a piece of dropped food with a simple “whoosh” of my breath

3. The ability to dab clean a child’s messy face with my saliva

4. The ability to smell a newborn’s poopy diaper through 3 layers of onsies/sleepers/swaddled blankets.

5. The ability to unabashedly breastfeed in a crowd of people.  In a pub.  While sipping a beer and munching on french fries.

6. The ability to silently unwrap and sneak a piece of candy/chocolate into my mouth without attracting attention from a preschooler.

7. The ability to distinguish between  a “happy” shriek from a “I’m being bitten and tortured by my sibling” shriek without having to be in the same floor of the house as my kids.

8. The ability to fall back asleep instantly after being rudely woken up by a small screaming crying angry human being.

9. The ability to smile enthusiastically and graciously say “Thank you” after my toddler offers me a piece of pre-chewed treat.

10.The ability to eat boogers.

 Have you developed any other “super-powers” since becoming a parent?


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