Paper napkin goodies

There was a baby shower for a colleague this week, and I saved a couple of leftover cookies to bring home for the kids.  As we were driving home, I could see the delight in my son and daughter’s faces through the rear-view mirror as they munched on their cookies.

I suddenly had a flashback of when my mother would come home from work, open up her bag and pass out little treats wrapped up in paper napkins: morsels of homemade brownies from a dessert potluck, or a bag of potato chips from a catered lunch, etc.  My sisters and I would regularly pilfer through her purse, knowing that Mom always had some pieces of sweet-something tucked away somewhere.  Many days we would joke with her, do you actually do real work, or just eat yummy things all day?

Now I understand.  I love seeing my daughter’s big eyes widen in delighted surprise as she asks me, “Did you get this from work?  Why did you get it for me?”   I love the toothy smile that my son flashes my way as he takes a big bite of the cookie, drool trailing down his chin, face covered in crumbs.

Thank you Mom, I didn’t know it at the time, but now I understand that those pieces of crumpled paper napkins were more than just a few goodies from work, it was a way that she was telling me how much she loved me.  I Love You too, Mom!


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