Mama’s little girl

This past weekend was a big one for my daughter.  She attended a birthday party at a little girls’ spa/salon where she enjoyed a princess makeover, complete with a fancy pink ballgown, shiny lip gloss, hot-pink manicure, and even a glamorous up-do with glittery hairspray!  I thought she was going to burst with excitement.  The following day, we surprised her by taking her to Disney On Ice.  The amazement on her face when each of the Disney princesses glided out on the ice rink was priceless.

Of course, I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth if I didn’t admit that I have secretly also been very excited for this weekend as my little princess experienced some of her first of many milestones as a young lady.  Visions of future mother-daughter outings such as girls’ day out at the spa, musical theater trips,  and elegant luncheon dates danced in my head.  However, this morning, as my not-even-3.5 year-old sleepily padded out of her bedroom in fuzzy cupcake-printed footie-pajamas, and grinned up at me underneath her messy head of jet-black hair, my heart melted.  I hugged her close to me, buried my face in her sweet soft skin and murmured, more for my sake than hers, “Don’t grow up so fast, ok?”

Elegant luncheon dates and musical theater shows can wait.  Let me treasure these moments with my little baby girl.


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