The Christmas Song Game

When it comes to dumb random luck, I have none.  Zippo.  My husband, on the other hand, seems to have fairy gold dust sprinkled on his head on a regular basis or something because he’s one of those lucky people who always wins random big prizes (a free iPad, tickets to the Broadway musical Rent, two iPod shuffles, etc, just to mention a few.)

Even when it comes to meaningless things, for some reason, he just always WINS.  When we first got married, my husband and I started a tradition of playing a silly little game around Christmas time.   You know those annoying radio stations that play nothing but Christmas songs 100% of the time from Halloween to New Years day?  Well, each of us will pick a song prior to turning on the radio, and the person whose song comes on first wins a point.

The first year we played this, I lost pitifully.  I think the score was something like 45 vs 3.

The second year, I added some additional rules in hopes of swinging the luck in my favor.  #1, I always got to pick the song first.  #2, During each round, the winning song could no longer be used subsequently by the same person (that way he couldn’t always win by picking repeated holiday favorites like Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland, and Let it Snow). #3 The song game, at my discretion, could be extended to other situations such as when holiday songs were being broadcasted overhead at the shopping mall.  He still won with a score that more than tripled mine.

The following year, I decided I would be smarter and changed the rules so that I could perhaps freeload off of his dumb luck.  Each player would choose the other player’s song.  I thought I was being pretty clever in choosing songs like Feliz Navidad,   Meli Kalikimaka  or  Dominic the Donkey because, really? What radio DJ would choose those awful random songs?  and he STILL won.  I swear he is in cahoots with the radio stations.

Once our daughter was born, I decided that maybe she could be on my team.  I would basically get to choose two songs each round.  Nope.  Still nothin’.

During other years, I’ve also tried convincing other family members and random friends to join us in this game whenever they are in the car with us, so that it maybe will decrease the overall chances of my husband winning yet again.  But really, it just resulted in having the reluctant participants look at me like I’m some kind of crazy competitive nut as I start shouting in the car, “NO!!!  They JUST played Seeemply Haaaaving a Wonnnderful Christmas Time! ”

This year, I’m racking my brains for a new way to win.  I’ve debated making a Spotify Christmas Songs playlist and seeing if I could sneak that by as a radio station without him noticing, but that does seem a little bit like cheating. or desperate. or maybe just a little bit ingenious.

So go ahead, try it with your family and may your own version of the Christmas Song Game be more lively and merry each holiday season!


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