Christmas Cards

Every year, my husband and I go through the same dialogue.

Me: “Should we send out Christmas cards this year?”

Him: grunt, shrug. “Sure.”

Me: “Will you help me write messages and addresses, put on stamps?”

Him: “No, I don’t think so.  Let’s not do cards this year. “

Me: “Hmmm…well…yeah, let’s order some cards.  Come sit down and pick out some designs with me.”

Him: “Nooooo!”

One of those things that really stresses me out this time of year is the whole idea of Christmas cards.  I know it shouldn’t, but I let it get to me Every.Single.Year.

I think there are a few milestones in a person’s life that can be used as a good excuse to mail out some good-looking photo-card of yourself. These are :

  • Look! Our first Christmas as husband & wife!
  • Look! Our first Christmas with our new baby!  See how cute he/she is in newborn nakedness with that giant Santa’s hat!
  • We just moved!  Here’s our new address and by the way, see how happy we look in this family photo!

Aside from these above reasons, I think all the other people who send me holiday cards are probably just rubbing it in my face that they are much more organized than I am.  (Just kidding, just kidding, dear friends…please keep sending me those beautiful photo cards of your magazine-cover-worthy family).

A few years ago, I finally got some decent pictures of our family and ordered holiday cards on time, even addressed them and mailed them out before New Years.  Little did I know what a vicious awful cycle I had just created for myself. The next year, I started a gigantic excel spreadsheet, sending out mass emails to ask for people’s updated mailing addresses.  Then this process grew year by year, and last year I even started to keep tabs on who was mailing us reciprocal holiday cards.  It turns out that we are not as wildly popular as I had originally thought, so it made me kind of bitter.

So this year, I’m again going through this debate.  Do I really need to torture my husband by making him lick 100 envelopes?  Can I do the eco-friendly-lazy thing and just send out a “virtual personalized electronic holiday greeting”?   Can I whittle down my mailing list to 30 of my closest family and friends?  What if people who I didn’t send cards to end up sending me cards, should I have a “B-list”?

Does anyone else have a crazy complicated process for mailing out Christmas cards or is it just me?

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the internal debate I have for what to do with old greeting cards after the holiday season.


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