I’ve been blessed with one of those awesome spouses who loves to cook and is extremely good at it.  In fact, in the 7.5 years that we’ve been married, I’ve probably have done less than 10% of the meal preparation.  Even when he was a busy surgical resident, it was not unusual for my husband to come home from a 14-hour work day, roll up his sleeves, pour himself a beer, and start whipping out scallop-stuffed eggplant or broiled lamb chops with creamed spinach.  He spends his free time browsing Saveur and loves to try new restaurants in hopes of finding new dishes that he can try to recreate at home.

While I love the luxury of having such a talented spouse, sometimes it makes me a bit sad that even our kids know that in our household, daddy is the better cook.  In fact, last year when my daughter got her dream play-kitchen for Christmas, I found her pushing buttons on the pretend microwave, saying “Look, Mama, I’m cooking like you. Beep-Beep-Beep!”

Most people do not know that my husband does 90% of the cooking and naturally assume that I am the one with the wonderful ability in the kitchen.  I’ve been asked countless times for my secret teriyaki chicken recipe or advice on what special technique I use to get those potatoes so crispy.  I usually just shrug and smile mysteriously (because I really don’t know the answer!). Of course it carries into the holiday season in conversations with acquaintances about who is making the big Thanksgiving meal, and people often respond with “Oh how nice that your husband is making the turkey and giving you a break from the kitchen!”

Yesterday, we were picking up some last-minute ingredients at the store, we again had the experience of having the cashier saying something similar about how sweet it was that my husband was doing the cooking.  As we walked out of the store, my husband said, “Well, even though I get all the appreciation for the good cooking at home, I would like to point out that outside our home, you get all the credit!”

So during this Thanksgiving season, I’d like to publicly give thanks to my wonderful husband and chef extraordinare who is slaving away in the hot kitchen while I sit here and play around on my blog.  I love you!  Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Oh Jenny, we already knew that;). But you my dear are an awesome baker!!! I still remember that red velvet cake u made oh so many years ago that started my obsession for red velvet anything! Happy thanksgiving my dear friend:).

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