The Princess Era

Trick-or-treating season is upon us.  Being the last-minute planner that I am, the Rapunzel costume that my 3-year old had originally planned on debuting turned out to be treacherously big (read: falling off her shoulders, causing her to trip) and we had to go costume-hunting this past weekend.  After an argument involving a fuzzy pink flamingo costume at one store, and my very best efforts to avoid a princess costume, I ended up succumbing and brought my daughter to the Disney store where the crying and whining quickly stopped, replaced by huge smiles and skipping around as she fluttered from one princess dress to the next.  We finally ended up with a Cinderella outfit and left the store.

This morning, as I dropped off my daughter at preschool, I heard her and her friend G excitedly talk to each other:

Daughter: “G, What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Girl #1: “Cinderella!”

Daughter: “Me too!  me too!”

Girl #1: “I thought you and N(Girl #2) were going to be Rapunzel together?”

Daughter: “Well, my mom said that my Rapunzel dress was too big, so we went shopping. Now I’m gonna be Cinderella!”

Together (jumping up and down): “Cinderella!  Yay!”

As I thought about their conversation, it struck me how peer pressure changes through a girl’s life.  One of my rants against Disney Princess dresses as costumes is that every little girl looks the same and there is no originality.  I mean, how disastrous would it be to show up at prom to find another girl wearing the same exact ballgown?!  But hearing their delighted reaction to being the same Disney Princess made me realize that at this age, it doesn’t matter.  In fact, my daughter would’ve been the odd man out had I insisted on making her wear the adorable fuzzy pink flamingo while her friends were decked out as various Disney Divas.

And so it begins…the Disney Princess Era.  I guess I should just enjoy this era before she quickly grows up into the Prom Princess Era.


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