The Parent Dating Game, part 2

I previously wrote about the difficulties of  making new friends with other parents and the fears of violating some unspoken set of “dating etiquette”.  Since that last post, I feel that our social lives have picked up quite a bit and our weekends are filled with playdates and birthday parties.  Success!

Feeling like the “popular girl” is nice for the ego.  However, I can’t help but still feel a bit miffed by a certain recent experience.

A few weeks ago, we took the kids out for sushi on a school night.  There was another Asian family seated right behind us who kept glancing over at us and smiling politely (There is a mutual Asian understanding that it is okay to stare at other Asians in public places like restaurants).  At the end of dinner, their cute little boy walked over and introduced himself .  It turned out that they had overheard us talking and their little boy had the same name as our son.  We chatted for a bit and then later as they left, my husband said, “They seemed nice. Go ask for their contact info!”  So, of course, I ran out of the restaurant, chased after these total strangers and asked them if they would ever want to have some kind of playdate with the kids.  The Other Asian Mom handed me her business card and said, “Of course, just email me!”

So I waited 48 hours and then I sent her an easy-breezy email, asking if she wanted to hang out.

And I waited.  and waited. and waited for a response.  We never heard back from them.  What a bummer.  I thought it was fate that had brought us together, I mean, how many other families take their 3 year olds out for a sushi dinner!  at our favorite restaurant!  at 5:30pm on a Wednesday night?!  and they were also Chinese!  and their son even had the same name as our son!

Weeks went by, and we soon got over the heartbreak and moved on.

So this past week, we went out for sushi again.  Lo and behold, we were seated and out of the corner of my eye, we noticed the same Asian family sitting a couple of tables away, enjoying their dinner.  Hubby winked at me and asked, “Is that…” and I replied quickly, “YES!”  He said, “Don’t say anything.  Just play it cool.”    We ate our spicy tuna crunch maki and una-avo rolls with gusto, toasting each other as we sipped our  Gewurtztraminer, our kids were on their best behavior (not throwing food or poking each other with chopsticks), we were the picture of the Ultimate Coolest Family.  At the end of our dinner, we noticed the Other Asian Family Dad and Other Asian Family Son making their way towards us.

He waved to us and said, “Oh, hey.  Haven’t we met before?”

Hubby said, “Yes, we met here a few weeks back.  Isn’t your son also named E…?”

Some polite small talk ensued.  And then we all said our goodbyes and that was the end of the night.

Of course, I can’t help but wonder as I went to bed that night: Did they ever get my email?  Should I have asked if they got my email?  Should I have asked them out again?  Did they just think I was weird because I chased them down the street to ask for a phone number?  Did they meet a better looking Asian family than us?  Did I commit some kind of dating faux pas?

Sigh, the innuendos of the Parent Dating Game.


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