I’m back!

Not sure if anyone is still reading this blog…I guess it’s been a few months since I last wrote anything.

The last few months flew by.  One of my colleagues left the practice and as a result, my own clinic schedule has become completely overbooked with new patients looking to transfer their care.  Then in the midst of me trying to figure out how to balance my new schedule and remembering to set aside time to pee/eat during the workday, we went on a weeklong vacation with the extended family and also got a chance to catch up with old friends on the East Coast. As soon as we got back, I got caught up in birthday-party-planning mode for the two kiddos who have birthdays that are 14 days apart (note to self:  combined birthday celebrations will probably prevent a few gray hairs in the future).  Then the last few recent weeks have been filled with trying to not fall asleep sitting while studying for endocrinology boards.

Throughout all this craziness, I’ve thought about the blog, jotted down some ideas, and been itching to get back to writing.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to blog more regularly now!  Thanks for sticking around!


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