Posted in October 2012

Embarassing Confessions: Scary Movies

One of my favorite things to do since childhood has been to watch horror movies.  The more ridiculously bloody and violent, the better.  I even remember around age 13 or 14, getting in trouble because somehow I convinced my younger cousins and sisters to watch Candyman with me during a sleepover and afterwards everyone was … Continue reading

The Princess Era

Trick-or-treating season is upon us.  Being the last-minute planner that I am, the Rapunzel costume that my 3-year old had originally planned on debuting turned out to be treacherously big (read: falling off her shoulders, causing her to trip) and we had to go costume-hunting this past weekend.  After an argument involving a fuzzy pink … Continue reading

The Parent Dating Game, part 2

I previously wrote about the difficulties of  making new friends with other parents and the fears of violating some unspoken set of “dating etiquette”.  Since that last post, I feel that our social lives have picked up quite a bit and our weekends are filled with playdates and birthday parties.  Success! Feeling like the “popular … Continue reading

I’m back!

Not sure if anyone is still reading this blog…I guess it’s been a few months since I last wrote anything. The last few months flew by.  One of my colleagues left the practice and as a result, my own clinic schedule has become completely overbooked with new patients looking to transfer their care.  Then in … Continue reading