The Parent Dating Game

I met my one-and-only true love when I was 16 years old.  Except for a few minor hiccups, we had a fairy-tale romance and got married 9 years later.  So you could basically say that when it comes to dating, I am…socially inexperienced and inept.

I’ve found that now that I am a parent, making friends with other parents is similar to testing the unknown waters of the dating world.  I find myself fumbling along, occasionally meeting other moms who I am “interested” in, and yet I do not exactly know what I should do to “start a relationship.”  Do I boldly introduced myself and ask for their phone number?  Do I flash a winning smile and hope they notice me and my darling children?

I’ve only been successful a couple of times at meeting new “mommy” friends since moving back to the Midwest.  I find that as a part-time working mom, sometimes things can get a bit complicated because I feel like I can’t exactly break into this inner-circle of the stay-at-home-moms playgroups, and the full-time-working-moms seem too busy to hang out.  I don’t exactly know what is proper etiquette when it comes to trying to “date” a fellow-mom.  I find myself wondering a lot, “Is she going to think I am a facebook-stalker if I comment on every single one of her photos? ” or “I thought we had lots of fun that time last month, why haven’t they called to hang out again?

Today, we were out walking in the neighborhood and randomly bumped into one of my daughter’s daycare classmates.  I’ve always thought that the mom of the classmate seemed very sweet and nice, someone I would like to be friends with, plus she has 2 kids almost the same exact age as my two kids.  We were chatting for a bit and I casually mentioned that we should get the kids together sometime.  Then once I got home, my husband jokingly asked, “So, when are you going to invite them over?  Strike while the iron is hot!”

I replied, “Oh, I already sent her an email as we were walking home.”  I had found her email address on the work directory since we work for the same university, is that too stalkerish?

So now it’s been an entire day, and she hasn’t written me back, and I’m paranoid thinking, “What if she thinks I came on too strong because I sent an email so quickly?”  Arrggh.  This parent-dating game is hard!   Anyone want to share their advice on meeting “mommy friends”?

*UPDATE* =  Just checked my email again and she wrote me back.  We have a play-date!  HOORAY!


3 thoughts on “The Parent Dating Game

  1. Haaahaaa. Jenny, you aretoo funny:). Yes, I find this very true. I am dealing w the same thing here. No worries though Jenny, you and Ed are fun to be around. I think people will see that and start asking you guys out on dates!

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