Posted in June 2012

Why I went into medicine and not art

Sometimes when I am talking to patients, I draw pictures to demonstrate what I am talking about.  Here are a couple of examples. I’m pretty happy with my medical illustrations.  I think it gets my point across, and/or provides some entertainment for the patients.  However, I’m thinking about taking some art lessons from my 2.75 … Continue reading

One of those not-so-good mornings

It’s been one of those mornings. The Boy woke up at 3am and again at 5am, despite my best efforts to nurse and rock him back to sleep.  His insistent crying woke up Big Sister at 5:30, rubbing her eyes and scowling. By 6am, our entire household is in a sleep-deprived grumpy mood. By 7:30, … Continue reading

The Sitting Month

Baby #2  just turned 9 months old recently.  It’s been amazing to think how quickly time has passed by in just a blink of the eye.  As I thought about all the fun and not-so-fun moments from the past nine months, I was thinking about the first postpartum month and all the craziness associated with … Continue reading

Being labeled

I don’t know about other physicians/healthcare providers, but there are certain words that I see on patient’s medical chart that strike fear in my heart.  Here is a sample list: Fibromyalgia Irritable Bowel Syndrome Atypical Chest Pain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Pelvic Pain These illnesses fall into a category known as  “Functional Disorders”, which means, according … Continue reading

More than just a Mini-me

When my daughter was born, I remember the nurse placing her on my chest.   She looked at up me and gave me one of those fleeting newborn smiles.  I cried tears of joy.  Then I laughed and I couldn’t stop laughing.   It was like having a miniature version of my husband looking up at me. … Continue reading