Grandma’s wisdom

I had a very lovely Mother’s Day celebration with a leisurely picnic prepared by my husband followed by hanging out at a local playground with the family.  As I watched my little girl giggle and climb the jungle gym while my little boy quietly slept nearby in his stroller, I thought it would be amusing to post some “words of wisdom” that my mother/mother-in-law have passed onto me in the past few years.  Among some of my favorites are:

1. Don’t lift your hands up above your head when you are pregnant because you will choke the growing baby.

2. Don’t be in such a hurry to pick up the crying baby. Crying is good exercise for the baby’s lungs.

3. If you let the baby crawl too much, he/she will grow up to have ugly knees.

4. If you let the baby stand too much, he/she will grow up bowlegged.

5.  If you shave the baby’s head, he/she will have thicker hair.

I will not admit to how many of these I actually followed or ignored, but needless to say, I have two healthy strong-willed, headful-of-thick-hair, beautifully straight-legged children.  Thank you Moms for your well-intentioned advice!

Anyone else care to share some of their favorite Old Wives’ Tales?


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