Embarrassing Confessions: Tasteless reality shows

Since my last two posts were somewhat serious, I figured it was time for a lighter post.

I spend more hours in front of the television than I should.  And most of the time, I am not watching very educational programs.

Here are my top 5 (I-hate-to-admit-that-I-watch) reality TV shows.

1. The Bachelor – It all started back in 2002 when I dropped by my best friend’s house.  She had the TV on and was watching reruns of The Bachelor on some syndicated channel… we camped out on her living room couch for the entire day entertained by a marathon of cat fights, cleavage-enhancing glittery dresses, and video-confessions of  “I-think-I’m-falling-for-him..”.  Being the innocent pure-minded girls that we were, we were fascinated by the snarkiness and the trashy content.  I was hooked, and thus started my downward spiral over the years.

2. Bachelor Pad – Imagine my delight when I found out that infamous alums from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette were joining together!  I love how there is no pretense of “finding romance” on this show.  My husband and my two sisters are horrified that I would willingly subject myself to this type of brain anesthesia.  I will admit that watching this show probably did lower my IQ by a few points.  But of course that did not prevent me from watching Bachelor Pad 2.  Does anyone know when Bachelor Pad 3 starts?

3. Kid Nation – I don’t anyone else who watched this reality show except for me.  It aired only for one season on CBS in 2007.  The premise was observing how 40 children between the ages of 8-15 could set up their own society with no adult supervision/assistance.  It was disturbing, but it gave me something to do and think about on my days off during residency.

4. Beauty and the Geek – I was a dedicated fan of this show for all 5 seasons and sometimes even avoided making dinner plans so that I wouldn’t miss catching an episode.  I was very sad to hear when CW or the former WB network, put this show on hiatus.  I am a sucker for shows that feature makeovers, and this show had plenty of entertaining makeovers.

5. ElimiDATE  –  Again, another oldie but goodie that is no longer airing.  Whenever my husband makes fun of me for watching any kind of tasteless reality TV, I like to point out that he was the one who introduced me to this awful late-night dating show.   Those were some fun memories, the two of us betting on which contestant would be cut from the next round, or even better if the competing suitors all got fed up and stormed out of the group date together.

I feel somewhat hypocritical watching these mindless television shows knowing that most of the shows are misogynist and that never in a million years would I want my children to watch these types of shows.  However,  sometimes entertainment is just entertainment and it’s nice to escape from daily routine and just laugh at people making fools out of themselves on television.  What about you, readers, any tasteless reality shows that I’ve missed that are worthy of mention?


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