Posted in May 2012


A patient with diabetes called a couple of days ago to make an urgent appointment.  Due to some scheduling issues/trying to accommodate to her travel plans,  I had my assistant overbook the patient into my lunch break. This morning, about 1.5 hours before the appointment, the patient called to cancel because “her daughter was sick … Continue reading

Above the Curve

My little boy was diagnosed with right-side gaze preference and plagiocephaly (= a flat/lopsided head) at the age of 2 months, and we have been going through bi-weekly physical therapy treatment sessions with him ever since he was about 3 months old to work on his motor skills.  I didn’t realize how much the Asian … Continue reading

Grandma’s wisdom

I had a very lovely Mother’s Day celebration with a leisurely picnic prepared by my husband followed by hanging out at a local playground with the family.  As I watched my little girl giggle and climb the jungle gym while my little boy quietly slept nearby in his stroller, I thought it would be amusing to … Continue reading

The one who keeps coming back

Ms. L is a 60-something year old woman who came to see me recently for follow up of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  She currently takes no medications.  She has not had a baseline bone density exam or colonoscopy.  She has not had a mammogram in over 2 years.  She denies any history of … Continue reading

Embarrassing Confessions: Tasteless reality shows

Since my last two posts were somewhat serious, I figured it was time for a lighter post. I spend more hours in front of the television than I should.  And most of the time, I am not watching very educational programs. Here are my top 5 (I-hate-to-admit-that-I-watch) reality TV shows. 1. The Bachelor – It … Continue reading