Posted in April 2012

Christian parenting

Tonight as we were getting ready for dinner, I overheard my daughter singing to herself, “Jesus can do anything, anything, anything.  Yes, Jesus can do anything.”  This is something that she must have learned at church because I have never sang those words to her before. As I pointed this out to my husband, he … Continue reading

To Ms. Crago

The other day, I overheard a conversation between my daughter and another child.  He asked, “Why do you say Baba?”  My 2.5 year old proudly smiled and said, “Because…Baba is how you say Daddy in Chinese.” My heart skipped a beat. I am not sure when children fully develop self-awareness of race and ethnicity according … Continue reading

Practice what I preach, not what I do.

Disclaimer:  This post is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.  In my line of work, I end up seeing a lot of patients with diabetes and weight issues. I often wonder if the patients are actually listening and following through with my recommendations.  Most of the time, I think people’s eyes just … Continue reading

Embarrassing Confessions: My Running Playlist

I recently ran an 8K.  Since I’m not a very serious runner, I needed motivation in the form of music.  I used Spotify for this purpose, and titled it “running music” (I know, very creative).  The thing about my playlist is that, despite the name, it is really not just limited to “running-tempo” music. My … Continue reading