Humble winner and gracious loser

I have always had a competitive streak, even as a little girl.  My grandparents love telling the embarrassing story of how I was so competitive with my cousin during a running race that as she surpassed me, I reached out and pulled her ponytail to slow her down.  Definitely not a moment I am proud of.

As my daughter grows up, I’ve recently noticed that she seems to have inherited that same competitive streak.  From the moment that we get home from daycare, she dashes out of the car yelling, “Who can go upstairs the fastest?” to sitting on the potty and announcing proudly, “I pee faster than you!”, she definitely views even the most simple task as a challenge to be won.

Part of me is secretly proudly amused by this funny genetic quirk, but part of me is also afraid for her.  Yes, I want her to be competitive, to want to be the best, but I also don’t want her to be that annoying girl who always has to win at everything.  How do I teach her the important lesson of being a humble winner and a gracious loser?  My hope for my little girl is for her to grow up confident in her abilities and to know that whether she wins or loses I will still love her just the same.


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