Posted in March 2012

Pearl Cream

I’ve been blessed with The Curse of Looking Too Young. Throughout college and medical school, it was not unusual for me to be mistaken for a teenager.  In residency/fellowship, patients often looked at me and asked me if I was still a medical student doing some shadowing. I used to get so offended:  “How dare … Continue reading

A 5 star review?

The other day, we were chatting with our neighbor when she mentioned that she had seen my husband’s name come up on an online parenting forum.  Apparently someone was looking for a doctor, and posted a thread to see if anyone had heard of him. So as any dutiful wife would do, I got online, … Continue reading

Humble winner and gracious loser

I have always had a competitive streak, even as a little girl.  My grandparents love telling the embarrassing story of how I was so competitive with my cousin during a running race that as she surpassed me, I reached out and pulled her ponytail to slow her down.  Definitely not a moment I am proud … Continue reading

My free time

Pssst…I have a confession to make. I like having time to myself.  As in…time spent alone… withOUT my kids. [gasp!] I work 20 hours of week, spread over 4 weekdays.  Which means that I have relatively short clinic days, plus an entire extra day off.  I love my schedule. The other reason I love it … Continue reading

I’m pregnant!

During my fellowship training, I often heard my clinic preceptor say to her patients, “If you get pregnant, please let me know as soon as possible.  I want to be on the short list of people you call first, right after you talk to your husband and your parents.”  This is because in my field … Continue reading