Posted in February 2012

Eating boogies.

A while back, one of my friends told me about the NoseFrida. She raved about it.  When she described what it was…a nasal aspirator that you suck on, a snot sucker, I murmured noncommitally but inwardly thought, “That is disgusting!  Why in the world would I want to suck out my baby’s boogers?!”  It sounded … Continue reading

Parent, Physician, Patient

My mentor wrote a book about how patients make medical decisions based on a set of innate personal beliefs and experiences.  In the book, she writes about how each of us falls along a spectrum of being a minimalist (wait-and-see)  or a maximalist (do everything) when it comes to making decisions about our health.   In … Continue reading

Jeremy Lin and the Tiger Mom

According to a recent NY Times article: “All the Asian-American guys want to be Jeremy Lin…And all the Asian-American girls want to marry him.”  But I recently saw this article titled  “Will Lin-sanity tame Tiger Moms?” and found myself thinking, I want to be like Jeremy’s mom. In the midst of the Lin-sanity hype, I wonder … Continue reading

Things my mother taught me

Growing up, my mom had several adages that she would repeat from time to time. These words of wisdom were usually about personal health. The funny thing about mothers is that you believe 100% what they say even if you are a grown adult and have gone to medical school and have your own children.   … Continue reading

Try being a little nicer to the kids

Many moons ago, I was a 3rd year medical student on my pediatric rotation.  I remember sitting down with my resident to get feedback and hearing those fateful words: “You could try being a little nicer to the kids.  ”    I ended up doing just fine in my pediatric rotation, but I was so … Continue reading