Start a new blog – Check!

I’ve been obsessed with blogging recently.

I take that back.  Not just recently.  I’ve always been obsessed with blogging.  In the early days, it was  Xanga.  I would write posts almost daily and spend many late night hours lurking around people’s xanga sites. Even when my friends stopped updating their xanga sites, I was still diligently reading subscriptions and leaving a trail of  “eprops” everywhere.   (my xanga site eventually got retired, but if you promise not to tease me, I may revive the site.)

In the last few weeks, I’ve been entertaining the idea of re-starting my own blog again.  Sure, I have our family blog, which is updated by me 90% of the time, but I like the idea of my own reflections on my own site.  I read somewhere that the reason some people like to blog so much is because they are self-obsessed/self-absorbed.  That’s probably true about me too.

Whether it be because I feel the desire to share my oh-so-insightful observations, documentation of funny life moments, or frankly just because I love  To-Do Lists and “start a new blog” was on my list…here it is, my new personal blog: check!


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